Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another new one...

I got another new kiddo today. He's from China and doesn't speak any English. He sits next to my other new kiddo from Peru, who doesn't speak any English. I can communicate with my kid from Peru because I am lucky to have a Spanish speaking IA and I know some basic Spanish to facilitate things like "tie your shoes" and "use the bathroom." Unfortunately I don't know any Chinese except "hi," and there is only so many time you can use that. My other Chinese student is under strict orders from home not to speak Chinese in school, so I won't be getting any help there.

So I'm up to 21 kids... 21 beautiful wonderful kids who need one-on-one attention and instruction. 21 kids who need to learn how to read. 21 kids who need to learn how to be members of a community. 21 kids who are all so different and have incredibly different needs. I think today I am feeling overwhelmed and very jealous of the teachers that have 16 or 17 kids in their room.

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