Thursday, January 24, 2008


I think my new student from China was given an American name - very recently. Has anyone heard of this happening? He doesn't speak any English but he also doesn't respond at all to his name. There might be other things going on but it's too early to get a handle on it. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get his attention because saying his name isn't working.


Anonymous said...

Last year, I taught a brother and sister from China who had been here at least a year already. They were thrilled to tell me that they had just gotten their American names. I asked how they chose the American names and they said that they came from a website on the internet. I have quite a few other students who have American names. Always fun trying to figure out who is who when grading report cards! jan

organized chaos said...

YES!! I meant to tell you that! It's a huge problem with many kids. I really, really wish they'd keep their real names, but most Chinese students take American names. I tried to ask him what his 'real' name is, but obviously I got nowhere.
I also learned from my 2 week stint of teaching in china that the students are not nearly as well-behaved as they are thought to be. Class sizes are around 50-75 and taught in complete lecture style, even in kindergarten. I meant to bring in some of my pics to show to your little one to see if he connected with it, or if he looked at me like I was crazy.
tuesday, tuesday, tuesday.

but yes, you're comp. right! My guess is that he also was never even told "your new name is...."

Wendy said...

I am aware of this phenomenon because when I went to Taiwan, all of the Taiwanese embassy staff had American names. My guides were named Remus and Leroy, so I've always wondered what sort of name book they were using :) Keep your chin up! Wendy