Thursday, January 24, 2008

TGI almost F

I'm off. My kids are off. It makes for off days and frankly, an off week. I'm a firm believer in fresh starts and clean slates but I'm no longer looking to the next day. Now I am looking to the next week. We have experienced some intense behavior issues this week with some of our friends - new and old - and that just affects the entire dynamic of the room. On top of that, we haven't been allowed to go outside this week due to testing. I understand why... but when my kids' outdoor time is eliminated, it's tough on them. So, kids who are normally independent have become incredibly needy. Tattling is at an all time high. My kiddos are screaming for attention and it feels that only a few have received it. I need the weekend to regroup and refocus on my entire class and how to manage every kiddo in it, not just a select few. They need the weekend to run around and play and be five.

On a high note -- my kiddos did an amazing job comparing two books today and learning how to put information into a Venn Diagram. Hands were up, ideas were shooting around the room and our end product was awesome. They did so well I took them all outside to the far corner of the property (was I allowed to do that??), as far away from testing locations as I could get, and we played a rousing game of Freeze. Tweeeeet, "RUN!" Tweeeeeet, "FREEZE!" Red cheeks and giant smiles all around. I just hope the poor kids being tested didn't hear... they'd likely be very jealous of our fun.

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