Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Art Day Will Save Me

Thank goodness today is an Art day. That means my lovies will be gone for a full hour at the end of the day. That means that as I eat my lunch, I only have 25 more minutes with them until we pack-up and go home. They. Have. Been. So. Irritating. I know some of it must be me, but I swear that they sense my weakness and are trying to send me to the loony bin.

It's the 117th day of Kindergarten and many of my friends have forgotten that:
  1. We sit criss-cross on the carpet. Always.
  2. We raise our hand when we want to share. Always.
  3. After we raise our hand we WAIT until we are called on. Always.
  4. We avoid pig piles on the carpet. Again, always. There is never an instance when that has been okay.
  5. If someone accidentally steps on our pattern block creation, we don't scream at the TOP of our lungs.
  6. When I am talking to another student, we don't stand next to me and repeat my name over, and over, and OVER until I give them the evil stare which means "STOP!" Today the stare hasn't even worked.

Sigh. I just hope that 25 minutes with them will be bearable... I envision about 10 students on the carpet listing to our awesome chapter book and the remaining 11 being banished to quiet seats at their tables for doing any or all of the above mentioned. Way to think positive huh?

(P.S. I have already warned our Art teacher)


ArtTchrJan said...
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ArtTchrJan said...

Speaking as the art teacher to whom these dears will be coming to see in 35 minutes, perhaps I should not have read this blog entry yet. (Let me go find my MEAN FACE right now!!!!)
Ms. J.