Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Homemade is always better!

I always smile to myself when I hear how kids don't like healthy homemade food and always choose the neon, bright colored, sugar-filled alternatives. I'm sure this can be proven, but in my classroom homemade (or class-made) is the best!

Today we learned about George Washington Carver, not to be confused with George Washington, and how he found many ways to use the peanut. Most of my kiddos let it be known that the best use of the peanut is peanut butter and lucky for them, we had all the ingredients! After showing them a peanut in the shell ("they really grow in the dirt? Ewww!") and creating a giant mess of shells (20 kids can shell 3 cups of peanuts in 10 minutes flat), we put it all in the blender with corn oil and salt (note the absence of sugar) and turned it on. I think this was the first time many of my lovies has ever seen, or heard, a blender. It was hysterical.

Once the peanut butter was made I drizzled it (we went a little heavy on the oil) on a saltine and savored our homemade creation. They were begging for seconds and declared they would start making their own peanut butter. I mean, come on, who would buy this in a jar when making it is so fun?!

What a fantastic day.

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