Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kindergarten Civics

If I was the president, I would...
  1. "plant trees and build houses for them like I did with my dad."
  2. "give everyone money for toys if their mom's couldn't buy them."
  3. "give everyone candy."
  4. "make everyone be quiet because they're too loud."
  5. "build everyone a house with big windows."
  6. "make everyone stop fighting and be friends."
  7. "give everyone a car."
  8. "give everyone puppies so they can have dogs like me."
  9. "be a WWE wrestler."
  10. "buy all the books in the library to take home."


Anonymous said...

So fascinating. I'm sitting here trying to guess which of our little friends matches up with which comment. art teacher jan

organized chaos said...

i love those!

when i was student teaching i did that project and one of my first graders wrote: "If I were president nobody would step in dog poo."

I felt like there was a story behind it, but I never asked...