Sunday, February 24, 2008

Teacher Salary Blues...

My husband and I spent the ENTIRE weekend scouting properties and attending open houses. During the open houses I observed an annoying pattern. I would be asked what I do for a living and would receive a "oh that's nice" smile and a personal connection that I could care less for. "My great aunt was a teacher." That's great. Did she have enough money to buy a house in NOVA? The agent would be fidgety and then quickly turn to my husband and ask him what he did. You could see the calculations going on in his head. "Wife doesn't make much but with the husband I could sell them this... or this..." It wasn't a surprise, but it was annoying.

As a career-switcher (a higher paid one at that), this is the only time I think wistfully of my past life. The one and only time. Hurrumph.

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