Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break Day 3

What happened to Spring Break Day 2? Oh I know, it was lost amidst touring properties with our realtor, hashing out "is this what we want?" and anxiously waiting for our mortgage guy to call us. We didn't plan on doing this during spring break but thank goodness we are! This is an all-consuming and exhausting affair. My husband claims he enjoys it but I think he's just trying to buoy my not-enjoying it side. He's good like that.

I do have to admit that during all this grown-up stuff, I am wondering how my lovies are doing. I worry when when we have long breaks from school because a lot of them don't have family vacations, sleep overs, or even fun day care. They have TV, and it's usually not Sesame Street!

I have found myself turning on Sesame Street to fill my void. No matter how old you are Grover is still awesome.

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