Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Teacher Planning Days

I had a planning day today with my team.

  1. Kid free. I love my kids but a whole day in the middle of the week with spring just around the corner is wonderful.
  2. Interesting and informative presentations - really!
  3. Time to work on, and get advice on, those pesky report cards.
  4. I can eat and pee whenever I want.
  5. I can make fun of my kids with the other teachers - we all get a kick out of that.


  1. I have to interact with adults all day long. You lose practice doing that when you teach. I might need a refresher course.
  2. Honking on my stuffed up nose makes my kids laugh. It makes my colleagues cringe.
  3. The whole day is spent in a cramped stuffy cold-then-hot-then-cold-then-hot trailer.
  4. Upon returning to your classroom you find everything out of its place. This is hard for a anal, slightly OCD teacher.

The +'s still outweigh the -'s but I can't wait to see my lovies tomorrow.

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