Friday, April 11, 2008

A case of a cranky photographer

My lovies and I have been fairly giddy all morning in anticipation of our first picture day. I put on a skirt (this never ever happens because I sit on a rug for most of the day) and my kiddos fancied up their clothes and their hair. Side note -- giving 5 and 6 year old boys hair gel is so much fun. I can't tell if the boys did their own hair or if they had help, but the end result is awesome.

When picture time came, we cleaned our faces, lined up from tallest to shortest, and proceeded to the gym.

This is where the fun ended (and ironically when we wanted the children to smile).

The photographer gave us unclear directions and then yelled at us when they weren't followed (yes, "us." I was yelled at too). If a child moved an inch from where they were placed they were barked at. The photographer obviously doesn't know that if you want a Kindergartner to stay in one place you need to give them a visual - x marks the spot. Finally all 21 students and 2 teachers were frozen where they should be, terrified of moving a muscle, and he says, "Now smile! 1-2-3 cheeeeeeeese!"

I'm not optimistic on how this picture will come out.

I think I might take another group picture when we're having fun and send one home with all the kids. At least it will be a positive memory for them.

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