Thursday, April 3, 2008

In case of emergency...

It's days like these when I wonder where I find the patience. I must have an extra supply hidden somewhere that is released in case of emergencies. Like today.

Today we read The Napping House by Audrey Wood. She is a wonderful author and writes wonderfully silly stories and her husband illustrates them with equally wonderful pictures. That's where the wonderful-ness ended. After we read the story and talked about our own napping houses and I modeled (painfully slow) how to use watercolors, SOME OF MY CHILDREN DECIDED TO PAINT THEIR TONGUES.

(Insert my inner-voice screaming a phrase that sounds like, "ARE YOU TRUCKING KIDDING ME?!")

I told them they ate poison.

The well-behaved children that acted like sheep and painted their tongues shrunk in horror. They might be at home now wondering if they will survive the night.

The punks that instigated the experiment are still showing off their blue and green tongues to anyone who will pay attention.

Tomorrow is the last day of Intersession. Thank trucking goodness.

1 comment:

organized chaos said...

OMG... I'm dying to know which little ones invented this fantastic experiment, and which ones followed. At least they didn't tell their friends to open up and paint each other's tongues... How many artists did you have???

I can't wait to be back!