Friday, May 2, 2008

Personal vs. Professional

My ideal plan was this:

Take Wednesday off for our house closing, go to work on Thursday, and then attend a fabulous professional development workshop with my colleagues on Friday. Two days out of the room is plenty but I prepped the kids well (reminded them about their previous experience) and wrote up my lesson plans early.


Our house closing was delayed by 7 hours and I emailed my principal in a panic asking for the next day off because we still needed to move, and frankly a shower and a fresh change of clothes was a tall order at that point. My princiPAL generously okayed my request and from the realtor's office I typed up lesson plans and emailed them to my colleague to print out. I spent all of Thursday knee deep in boxes trying not to feel guilty about being out of the classroom and subjecting my Instructional Assistant to another chaotic substitute day.

This morning, as I sat in my workshop I alized that because I didn't go to school as planned the day before I a) did not print out my already prepared lesson plans for today's substitute, and b) I did not have my laptop to send them to anyone, or to do my rather large grad school assignment due Monday.

I stopped by school after the workshop, after everyone had left, and my room is in pretty good shape. I was pleasantly surprised. Starting Monday, the professional will take the driver's seat and the personal will ride shot-gun, but quietly. I can always unpack in July.

Now I just wonder if my IA is still speaking to me.

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