Friday, May 9, 2008

Sort of Mom

I got a "Happy Mother's Day" balloon from one of my kiddos today (I do not have my own children).

When I told the gift giver how much I loved it he responded with, "you're a good mom so I got you a balloon."

Well, again, not a mom in the technical sense, but, I suppose, in the non-technical sense, I am very mom-like to these little ones. Every once in awhile one of them will slip and call me mom - and after I cringe on the inside, I firmly remind them that I am NOT their mother. I can however, see the confusion when I am often saying things like:
  • "Please chew with your mouth closed."
  • "Please wash your hands."
  • "Your paper-cut will be okay."
  • "Please take your hand out of your pants."
  • "Blow... blow harder... that's better. Now go wash your hands."
  • "Chocolate is not a healthy snack. Ever."

The list could go on and on... Happy almost-Mother's Day to all the actual moms out there!

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