Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome to My World

It's not often that you get to bring your friends to your office and have them spend the day with you, but got to do just that on Friday. Over cocktails one night, my husband and our bff's thought they would like to chaperone one of our field trips. Sweet!

So my kids and the entire Kindergarten packed up and went off to a local garden park. My wonderful mother and amazing step-father also joined us so I had the best chaperone situation possible -- responsible adults whose company I enjoyed who would also listen to me.

It. Was. Awesome. I tried to pair each adult up with the perfect kids and I think I did a pretty good job. We gallivanted around the park looking, touching, smelling and having a grand old time. I couldn't believe how excited my kiddos got at - well, a tree. "LOOK! A TREE!" as we ran top speed over to see what kind it was. One of ESOL students demanded to know what everything was called and I could see her adding each new word to her brain dictionary. The woman bff was given three "it" girls and they stylishly and confidently explored the park collecting treasures in her sun glass case. Now that was sweet.

All the adults did great and I loved to see their strengths and their weaknesses with the kids. It was also great to share my life with them... they got to be in my classroom and my school and had the opportunity to really interact with the little beings I spend most of my waking hours with. One of the best scenes was the husband and the man bff playing duck, duck, goose with the class. Hilarious.

After the field trip they headed home and I planned a jam-packed afternoon with a movie, Popsicles and recess (whew!). When I got home we continued to talk and laugh about the kiddos. It was a great day.

Hmmmm... now do I get to go to their offices for a day? :-)


Caryn said...

You can come to my office anytime you want to! I know you have a secret desire to work here, that's why I send you our weekly update!

kiri8 said...

That sounds wonderful. I bet they had a great time, not just because a kindergarten field trip can be so much fun, but also because they got to see you in action, and now they know you that much better.

My parents, sister, and husband have all visited me at various times and it has always been great. What we do is SO different from a desk job, and it can be hard to explain. Much better when they see it.