Friday, June 6, 2008

Field Day

Today is Field Day and honestly, I am a bit nervous. We were given a 6 page packet, double sided, full of rules, procedures, maps, schedules, etc. I had a hard time paying attention after 2 pages.

I am to stay with my class as we rotate through various stations* in the heat of a summer day. I am to punch score cards for all the kids after each activity - smiley face if they tried hard, sad face if they didn't. The kids need all smiley faces to get a Popsicle at lunch so I hold the key to their afternoon happiness and honestly I sort of feel like being a hard ass about it. My kiddos have been prone to whining lately and it's driving me nuts. This might be a sick and twisted way to get my revenge. Wow... I am mean.

Other teachers have assured me that once you get started, it's fine. I hope they're right. I've got on my shorts, my school T-shirt, my sneaks, my whistle, and my Sharpie marker that hangs off my whistle (finally put to use - just like the commercial!). So here we come -- crab races beware!!!

*I like to go to P.E. a few minutes early to see what my kids are doing and let me tell you, these Field Day stations are not their strength!!

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