Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I HEART the Smart Board

The kiddos are out the door and there are 9 days left of school. It's obvious from the posts that I am counting but our classroom just got a jolt of excitement. We have a Smart Board and boy are we excited!

I used the Smart Board extensively in 4th and 2nd grade but when I came to Kindergarten I wasn't sure how to utilize it, so I didn't ask for one until the end of the year. Now I am using it all the time. Attendance, morning message, math lessons galore, and upcoming science lessons! So fun! Not to mention the fine-motor benefits. This is exactly the shot in the arm I needed to get through the last days of school.

Sure... we've had our kinder-issues. Please don't make shadow puppets. Please don't touch the projector. Please listen when I show you how to use the pens. And sure, the "please" has been dropped off after frequent reminders, but all in all, it's a huge hit. I want to encourage any Kindergarten Smart Board skeptics to get one, and USE IT. It's awesome.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I'm jealous. I wish WE had a smart board! The K teacher in the room next door has one and it is so cool.

We have a video data projector, though, and it's fun to pull down the screen and visit preschool-friendly internet sites, like the gorilla cam at the National Zoo.

Erin said...

I am new to the whole SMART board wave and I am teaching a new Kindergarten class this fall that has a state of the art one in the room. Can you give me any tips, tricks, or websites that I can use to get me started?

Anonymous said...

I have been using and now teaching peers how to use the SMARTBoard. The best site to begin with is There are tutorials, quick references, etc. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

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