Thursday, June 5, 2008

Smart Interactive Writing

My kids had so much fun writing a story about yesterday's storm and because we did it on the Smart Board it was exciting, new, and I was able to print a copy for everyone to take home. I'm thinking Interactive Writing books next year!


Laurie said...

Hello! My name is Laurie and I am a Kindergarten teacher as well. I love your writing piece. Interactive writing is one of my favorite methods to teach writing too. I also noticed that you love Chrysanthemum (one of my favorites also.) I have posted two articles (lessons) on the internet at bright hub which you might be interested in reading. Here they are:

Laurie said...

Oops! Kind of a new blogger. Check out Look on the tool bar for articles and you can find the Chrysanthemum and Interactive Writing lessons there. If you scroll through the K-12 learning channel, you will find regular teachers like me and you producing some really great work and original content.

Ms. Moore said...

I love your interactive writing on the SMARTboard. This is my second year in a school (PK-12) with SMARTboards in every classroom. I teach Pre-kindergarten and am always interested to see how other teachers are utilizing this technology in developmentally appropriate ways. Since it is the second week of school we are just working on how to drag without touching the board with your other hand now. :)