Monday, July 21, 2008

And we're back!

Ah... this is the sound of total contentment (also the sound my one year old nephew has learned after he takes a sip of any liquid! So flippin' cute)

Total contentment. Why you ask? NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES. Seriously, nothing makes me happier. In my former office-desk-job-life my boss and I loved the end of the year splurge at Staples. A fun new Post-It? A new type of pen? A personal laminator? YES! GET IT! Now I am a bit more responsible because it's my money that I am spending, but I still get a thrill. I found Post-It notes in SO many shapes and colors! Hooray!

My classroom is forming into a shiny, new, clean, wonderful space for my incoming kiddos to enjoy. They have no idea how excited I get creating this space for them. Where can I add more color? Ooohhhh that could be a cozy reading corner! If I sat here at this spot, how many cool things can I see from my seat? These are my guiding questions.

Not to mention I am an order-freak. I not only want my room to be a colorful wonderful spot for the kids, I want it to be functional and orderly. This takes time. This requires a few years of "woah, that totally didn't work." I have one year under my belt and I know that you can't put the housekeeping furniture anywhere near the bathroom (obviously 5 years olds are easily distracted, even when they're about to pee themselves). I know that the blocks have to be in a different part of the room as the gears (lest a turf war breaks out!) I know that no matter where I sit in the room my back shall not face anyone, ever. I wonder what lessons I will add to this list next year?

I wonder if Bravo could create a teacher competition for the coolest classroom? How fun!

I'm not really sticking to any point - possibly I'm high on the smell of new Sharpies. Point being, this is an exciting time and I am thrilled to be in the thick of it.

Brilliant move of the day? I put a STOP and GO sign on the bathroom door. Lesson learned from last year was that 5 year olds are terrible at knocking on the bathroom door, then listening for a response from within, then making decision to go in, or wait. Seriously, they can't do this. Let alone expecting the child on the pot to speak up loud enough for the knocker to hear. Hennyway...


Wendy said...

I'm honored that the laminator made it onto your blog. No one at the new office understands the joy of new supplies.

kiri8 said...

Wow, you didn't get much time off! I still have three weeks. Then I'll be where you are, getting my room organized. I am totally with you on wanting the room to look great. I was thinking of going with a soothing green theme....buying more plants and putting fadeless green paper on all my bulletin boards....