Friday, July 25, 2008

Meet Your Teacher

Today is the day! In just over an hour, parents and kiddos will be filling our halls in anticipation of seeing their classrooms and meeting their teachers. I blew-dry my hair and put on a skirt for the big event.

I was talking with another teacher across the hall from me and we both laughed at how nervous we get on this day. She's been teaching for years while this is my second and we have the same insecurities. "Eeeek, will they like me?" "Will they like me more than their previous teacher?" It's like meeting your boyfriend's parents in a twisted way.

I'm looking around my room and see everything is ready to go --- caddies have new crayons and glue, names are on the cubbies, there isn't any clutter, and everything has found a home for the year (or at least the week). If only my brain was as organized and put together!

Year 2 has officially begun!!

Deep breaths.


organized chaos said...

hooray open house day!

kiri8 said...

LOL! I liked your comment about putting on a skirt. I wear a dress on the first day of school, and again on dress-up day during spirit week, and that's it. (The rest of the time I wear my uniform of clogs, boot-cut jeans, and a crewneck tee or cashmere turtleneck, depending on the weather.)