Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Diamond in the Rough

Admittedly I have a small class and they are lovely... no massive behavior issues. All in all a nice group of kiddos. Today, however, they were SO irritating. I swear their ears were full of cotton. I had to repeat simple directions, such as "please sit down" so many times I thought I might scream.

So this little tidbit during our letter-of-the-week lesson brightened my day:

Question: "So friends, we have lemons, we have lollipops and we have lizards." What else starts with L?"

Answer: "Love starts with L."

Yes it does cutie-pie, yes it does.


Juliann said...

What a lovely little nugget. Another reason to love teaching.

Anonymous said...

Have you played the Sesame Street alphabet album? My kiddos always liked the L song: "la la la, linoleum."