Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Feet

organized chaos and I have been chatting about "happy feet." We've both been in funks over different issues but decided to look to fancy shoes, a.k.a happy feet, to brighten our day. Well guess what folks, IT WORKS.

Yesterday I was supposed to wear happy feet and forgot and put on my boring old flip flops. My day... well, my day sucked.

Today I slid on my Dorothy's there's-no-place-like-home look alikes and VOILA. Quite a lovely day.

I like our theory and I am sticking to it. Who wants to tell my husband we need to add a line in the household budget for fancy shoes?


organized chaos said...

so forwarding this to mr lipstick so he can understand why i need to go shoe shopping.

Anonymous said...

Were they those cool red shoes in the picture? I TOTALLY need red shoes! I am planning a post on teacher shoes at some point, too....mainly about how the Dansko Professional clog is the greatest shoe ever, but maybe I need to branch out a little bit?

splatypus said...

Yes, those are the shoes. $15 from Payless!

I am a Dansko fanatic and have 3 pair. Great shoes, but in my muggy mid-atlantic climate, they only work for me in the late fall and winter.

The Science Goddess said...

I love Dansko for my feet.

But as opposed to a "happy feet" solution, I have "happy lingerie." A little leopard print goes a long way toward putting a spring in your step.