Monday, August 18, 2008

I thought I had built up immunity...

.... but I didn't. I'm feeling sorry myself. It's August, it's been gorgeous and sunny and breezy, my husband just returned from a week-long trip, and I spent the entire weekend sniffling and coughing because my kiddos still haven't learned NOT to sneeze all over me. We talk about it, many times a day, "Friends, when we cough or sneeze, we cough or sneeze right into our arm... like this. We don't want to spread our yucky germs around the room. We don't want our friends to get sick do we?"

Useless. Phlegm, snot, and germy coughs fly around my room.

No matter how many surfaces I wipe down with Clorox anti-bacterial wipes (I buy them in bulk) or spray my hands with Clorox anti-bacterial spray (I love Clorox), the germs find me.

So here I am, in August, sounding as if its in the middle of winter. Hack, hack, sneeze, sneeze.

I'm off to make some hot tea.



Anonymous said...

My kids are trained to cough into their elbows. Anytime they use a kleenex, they have to use Germ-X. I wipe down the table, computer mouses etc at least two times a week (should do it more). But probably the most affective thing I have done is to shake their hands as they come in the room. I keep a damp sponge near the door and some glitter on a paper (the glitter sticks to the hand better if it's slightly damp). As they come in, I don't say anything (about the glitter)I just dampen the hand and glitter it, then shake their hands. Repeat. Then I let them circulate for awhile, then we look at where the glitter has spread. We then relate the glitter to germs and they have a visual that they seem to understand a bit better. Even with all the training though, they are the germiest, disgusting things at that age.

splatypus said...

I LOVE the glitter idea!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the glitter is a great visual. The custodian isn't too happy with me for a few days, but they get over it.