Monday, August 25, 2008

One Month Down

Friday was the last day of the first month of school. Given the fact that I jet out of here at lightening speed on Friday afternoons, I didn't really reflect on that month until today. I still can't believe that the kiddos have been with me in Kindergarten for 4 weeks! We've had some great "yays" and some "hurrumphs." As I am a list maker, here is the list:

Top Yays:
  1. Four kids who couldn't even form a letter on the first day can now write their own name, and I can read it.
  2. All the kids know which table they sit at (this has been a struggle for a few!)
  3. Our routines have fallen into place.
  4. The tattling has subsided (thank goodness, I was losing my mind). Thank you to A Bad Case of the Tattle Tongue!
  5. My class spontaneously bursts into song at all points of the day -- snack, unpacking, waiting for the bathroom. It's awesome.
  6. I've only had one cold.
  7. Our Song & Poetry books are working like a charm (each song or poem we learn as a class is colored, cut, and glued into a notebook. The kids read them from memory).
  8. Being 5 months pregnant and teaching Kindergarten isn't bad! In fact, I am having a fantastic year.

Top Hurrumphs:

  1. The pooper.
  2. Speaking of the pooper... The pooper, who hasn't had another incident since that frightful day, struggles with speech communication... so we're still having bathroom struggles. He insists on saying "pee pee" when he needs to go - and I force him to say "bathroom." Since it's 4 weeks in, we're also starting to enforce specific bathroom times - morning, snack, lunch, afternoon. He doesn't get this yet... he grabs his crotch and yells "pee pee" whenever the urge hits him. He might be a candidate for a name change.
  3. The All About Me book... clearly this was too much for them. So much for all that prep work (hours). Right now we are just focusing on the city and state they live in, and leaving their address and phone number to later in the year.
  4. My I.A.'s school duty. It's no secret that I don't want to share her.
  5. Writing Workshop is still a struggle. We read books and watch videos that make it look so formulaic and accessible. Then I try it ouot and it goes just sort of okay. Still working on this one...
  6. It's become evident that I have one specific kiddo who is very very very lost. The past 4 weeks have shown me there is a problem, now I have to figure out how to tackle it (and this isn't Poor Spacey!) The Lost One couldn't even match a picture to an identical picture today... it made the ABC activity very very difficult :(

All in all, my yays outnumber my hurrumphs and that's what matters. Here's to the next 4 weeks!


MemoryMaker said...

I think a sign of a great classroom is when children ( and adults) randomly burst into song . I do that a lot in my classroom. Ok, if we are being honest, I do it all the time to the point that my daughter ( 20) will say " seriously mom... do you have a song for everything?" Uh.... YES! Doesnt everyone? It seems like you have had a great month!

Snippety Gibbet said...

The quote of the weekend at my house was "I've got to poop!" You yell it loudly when you need to be excused. I got that from some kindergarten kid last week. Maybe it was your pooper! Whoever it was, I trusted their judgment and sent them across the hall immediately.