Friday, August 15, 2008

Poor Spacey Part II

A hug was given (and I am decidedly NOT a hugger in the classroom) and we have had a lovely day. Even when we were all walking down the hall in a nice line to lunch and she stopped and stared at a random spot on the wall while her classmates frustratingly whispered urgently, "go!!" many times, I managed simply to smile and encourage her in a nice voice to keep going... I will just work my many reminders to her into my normal repertoire. That problem - my problem - is solved, now what is the cause of her spaciness?!

(P.S. I know it's not the best descriptive to use but it's nothing like I have seen before. It's not your typical lack of attention... there's something that's not firing. Now I'll be working with some of my rockin' co-teachers to get to the bottom if it...)


Anonymous said...

Could be small seizures. Petit mals can cause little lapses that make it hard to concentrate or focus. These sound a little longer, but could still be seizures of some kind.

Jenny said...

Honestly, it sounds a lot like many of the gifted children I've worked with in the past. Any chance that could be a factor?