Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Have I told you about this kid in my class? When he is finished with anything... writing his name, coloring a picture, gluing his letter sort, he holds up his work and at top volume he screams, "TA-DA!" If you don't acknowledge is ta-da immediately, then the "TA-DA!" gets progressively louder and closer together. I discovered this when I tried the politely-ignore-approach.

I very much appreciate his excitement and ta-daness about finishing a task... I think we all have a bit of that in us, but really, I hope the verbal expression of it is just a phase.


Miss Mountain said...

Cute! And maybe next time, after the oodles about of "Ta-da"s a teacher might continually respond with a different fun word. Just so hopefully, the little guy can start to repeat the new vocab to describe his accomplishments. My favorite is "awesome"! It's just so much fun to hear that out of one of my students. Yea, and hopefully the "ta-da's" will soon diminish. :)

debrennersmith said...

Kids are fun. I read your updates frequently. I appreciate your humor and your wonderful enjoyment of your little ones.