Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boo on Technology

So we went on our first field trip today and it was GREAT!! We traveled to a farm museum and made apple cider, ran in apple relays, and learned so much about apples. We also got to play some good ol' fashioned Duck Duck Goose and have a picnic in the grass.

I captured all these wonderful moments on my digital camera. The pictures were great - really great.

And now they're mysteriously gone.


What a bummer.


organized chaos said...

noooo!! that is the worst!

MemoryMaker said...

Don't boo on technology ! :) Go read my site about my granddaughter today and you will see it is WONDERFUL! :) I have to admit I would say boo too....if I lost all my pictures!

Andy and Jenni said...


But the apple field trip sounds awesome! My compost pile was wondering...what do they do with the left over pumice?

splatypus said...

They feed left over pumice to the farm animals! Yum!