Friday, October 31, 2008


... so it hasn't been TOO bad but the day has coincided with my decision to start cracking down on annoying behavior. So while I'm not wearing a witch hat, some may think I am acting like one!

It's a gorgeous warm fall day and my kiddos are outside for an extended recess except for one. He's in the room with me with his head down. "Maybe this will teach you a lesson my pretty..."

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ChiTown Girl said...

Ah, sounds like our day. I had one who missed out on EVERYTHING today. The special movie, the parade, the treat bag, everything! The short story is he #1. stole something and then #2. lied right to my face about it!! UGH!! Those are the two things I absolutely will NOT tolerate!! And don't even let me get started about his idiot parents!! I called them at 11:00 to come and pick him up, and naturally, they never showed up! Surprise, surprise, right?