Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Poor Spacey is now being referred to specialists so we can find out what's going on. What was once annoying and confusing behavior is now concerning (but yes, still annoying).

Today Poor Spacey was sent to the bathroom first thing in the morning and another break was on its way yet Poor Spacey peed right in her chair. Big ol' puddle in the chair and on the floor. There was no sign of concern or discomfort and frankly I would not have noticed until I walked through it unless a kiddo told me that there was water on her chair. So there she is, just sitting in her own urine. When I quietly asked her if she had an accident, she smiled and said yes. Smiled? She seemed almost giddy when she went to the clinic with my IA to get cleaned up.

Clearly we have some issues to deal with.


ChiTown Girl said...

Good grief! Maybe she's enjoying the special one-on-one attention she gets when she wets herself? Who knows! I'd love to know what her parents have to say about the situation.

teach5 said...

I'm with chitown girl on this, it must not be that traumatic to go to the health office.

I have one that pukes the same way. First thing in the morning, she gets herself all worked up before mom drops her off, comes in and pukes on the carpet. Real passive about it, no effort to get to the garbage can, bathroom or sink. And she is fine right after puking.