Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Different Worlds...

4 friends earned the luxury (it still cracks me up how in demand this is) to have lunch with me. 2 of the kids come from single parent homes and 2 come from 2 parent homes. The reason for the single parent homes - in both cases - are because the dad is in jail. This is where our discussion started. They brought it up, not me.

One dad was in jail for stealing a van, the other dad was in jail for pretending to have gun - but he really didn't have it. These accounts are according to a 5 year old mind.

One of the 2 parent kids has always seem to roll with her classmates' less-than-ideal home lives really well. She listens, she takes it in, and she moves on about her day. The other one... well... it's like a different world to her. So not to be outdone, this was her contribution to the story: "My aunt got a speeding ticket for going to fast. I don't know why she was going too fast, but she was." She had a very satisfied look on her face as if to say, "see? I have a story about breaking the law too." Then she changed the subject to Dancing with the Stars.

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