Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There are some days that I just want to take one of my kiddos home and give them the care and structure that they are so desperately needing. One of my students has had a reoccurring bout with head lice for over a week. This concerns me on two fronts. 1) It's clear that the parents are not being responsible and getting rid of the problem, and 2) If I get it, I am am out of luck because preggos can't use the shampoo.

This student complains that their head itches and has had their hair picked over by numerous adults wearing rubber gloves. Mostly it's done in private, but sometimes it's not. Their parent insists that the kid's hair is being washed with the shampoo but is neglecting to follow through with two other important steps. You need to physically pull out the unhatched eggs (ew, I know) and then wash EVERYTHING you own in very hot water. The shampoo is useless if that's all you're doing.

So day after day, this poor kiddo comes in with an itchy head and subsequently a nervous teacher. The student is bothered, embarrassed and sad, and my heart hurts for them.

I still remember my own elementary school nightmare. At our school the kids all sat at their desks while the school nurse (Mrs. Mann) went to each kid picking through their hair. If they didn't have "the bugs" then she moved on. If they did have lice, she stopped and wrote their name down. Well my name was written down. I was mortified. I think my mom was more mortified when she was called to come get me. That night I had my head scrubbed with that horrible RID shampoo and them combed through with that god-awful comb that rips out snarls and can still bring tears to my eyes.

Maybe my experience in elementary school is making my heart break for this kid even more. I just want to take them home tonight and take care of their lice right way -- and then send a cleaning staff over to their home so they doesn't get it again the minute they lay their head down on the pillow to sleep.

And yes... I feel all itchy.


ChiTown Girl said...

Gee, thanks, now I'm itchy, too!!!

Aw, that poor baby! Don't you want to slap some of these parents sometimes?!

I guess I haven't been reading long enough to know about the impending blessing. Congratulations!!! Now stay away from those creepy crawlies! ;-)

teach5 said...

I had a teacher friend who, a few years ago, used to use the shampoo every two weeks......just in case.

When I was a kid, we got dusted with DDT if we had lice.

debrennersmith said...

Mayo works really well too

Ira said...

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