Friday, March 20, 2009

I've Been Memed

Elementary, My Dear, or Far From It memed me this:
Teaching assignments, how long? I'm a career switcher. This is my 2nd full year in my own kindergarten classroom.

Favorite class taught---and why? My current one. My first year was insane and I had no clue what I was doing. I get it now.

Worst class taught---and why? My first year. Good kids, very inexperienced teacher.

Favorite class taken? It's been so long since I have truly enjoyed a class I've taken. I do remember a Literacy class I took in my Master's program where the professor began each class with a read aloud. Loved it.

Favorite education book? Hmmmm... honestly, I buy them because they sound great but then I never use them.

Best teacher buddy?
Organized Chaos. Hands down. I also loved both my clinical faculty in 4th and 2nd grades. Very inspirational in their own way.

Best administrator? I love my current principal (and I'm not kissing up, I truly do) but I HEART our AP. She's amazing. She's incredibly accessible and always gives thoughtful, sensitive, and realistic advice.

Most disappointing experience? DRA2 class.

Most thrilling moment? Coming back from maternity leave to a classroom full of readers!

Funniest incident in your classroom? I laugh daily and can't narrow it down to just one.

Most memorable student? Since I laugh daily you can assume that the reasons for my laughter are abundant. I have many and it's only been two years.

What about unions? I pay dues yet they were useless in helping me figure out my maternity leave. Humph.

What about charter schools? A fine idea but my school does a lot of the good stuff that charter schools do and we don't get any recognition because we are a public school.

What about merit pay? Again, a fine idea but it needs to be very personalized. Don't punish me for a kiddo who just arrived from Mexico and hasn't ever set foot in a school setting. Look at my students' progress, not just the final results.

What does "21st century learning" mean? It means nothing to me. It's used by policy makers and administrators who are constantly looking for ways to improve our "failing schools."

What makes a teacher "effective"? An effective teacher is able to reach a student beyond the curriculum.

Most overrated "reform"? Ever changing math curriculum. It bores me.

Best professional development? Having a literacy coach with me in the classroom. Invaluable.

Personal education hero? This is a tough question. I really look to my administrators as models and mentors.

Priorities, if you could spend $5 billion on education? Bricks and mortar baby.

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Mandy said...

I'm so glad you're back. I've missed reading your blog.