Monday, May 4, 2009

Socks - Old or Smelly?

Our shared reading book this week is Do-Whacky-Do. A rumpus fun story about 10 clowns who want to go to town, but on each page the readers discover why each clown can't go*. The last clown decides that going to town alone isn't fun, so he decides to do a dance with a kangaroo. Strange? Oh yes, but so fun to read!

*One clown sat in sticky glue, one clown got sick with the spotty dotty flu, and one clown in particular was busy making old sock stew. When we read that page, we hold our noses. A question arose about old socks. "Why are we holding our noses? The socks are old, not smelly!" So we discussed that cooking socks might indeed smell, if we wash old socks, then they won't smell. I had to use my socks as an example. "See these socks? I've had them for a long time. They are old. But I wash them each time I wear them, so they are not smelly."

And that was the lesson of the day.

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