Friday, August 21, 2009

Apologies and Funnies

I've been "off-line" for longer than normal... I'm our team leader this year and so far it's been much like a mild yet nagging headache. It's difficult to blog about my thoughts and experiences because I am bound to hurt feelings, or to say something unprofessional or inappropriate and I am trying my hardest to do this job as best as I can. So... I have chosen to talk to my husband instead. He's thrilled.

BUT! Yep, there is a but, I had lunch with two of my kiddos today and something happened that I run into with my large group of Spanish speaking students. On many occasions, a student will be searching for a word and will inevitable say, "I don't know the word, only in Spanish." AND EVERY SINGLE TIME it's a proper noun. Cracks me up.

"Where is your family from?"
(Picture the child struggling...) "I only know it in Spanish."
"Okay sweetie, what is it in Spanish?"
"AH! It's the same in English."


"I heard you have a new baby sister! What's her name?"
(Again... obvious and painful struggling...) "I don't know it in English."
"Well tell me in Spanish!"
"AH! It's a beautiful name and it's the same in Spanish and English. Just like YOUR name!"

Poor kiddos. I suppose I shouldn't find it funny but I do.

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Stacey said...

Soon enough they'll grow comfortable without substantiating their words with, "I only know it in Spanish," thanks to the warmth of your classroom