Monday, August 3, 2009


That's what it felt like today.... WOOSH! Here is what we accomplished as a class:
  1. unpacking
  2. walking to music
  3. learning the playground rules
  4. finding our carpet spots
  5. participating in an abbreviated and heavily modeled version of morning meeting, but not in the morning.
  6. eating lunch
  7. recess
  8. packing up

As I began the list I assumed I would be making the point that we didn't get to much, but now that I see it listed it's clear we did A LOT. This is a short day (8:40 - 12:50) and included in this day was a 30 minute music class and a 20 minute lunch (that actually took 30 minutes because kindergarteners are just that slow). I feel accomplished. I wonder how much we'll get to tomorrow?


my mid mid-life crisis said...

Would you share what your morning meeting consists of? I'm trying to modify mine a bit this year, but I'm at a loss!

splatypus said...

Sure! I use the Smart Board... my kids come to the carpet by tables and move their name from one side to another to indicate they're here. Then we briefly discuss who is here and who isn't. We read our morning message together and as the weeks go on I make it more and more interactive. After morning message we get into our calendar and schedule. It ends with the pledge. All in all, it takes about 30 minutes.

Woosh said...

Just read your post and would like to thank you for maintaining such a cool blog.