Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Prince Obama

I wasn't sure what to expect today when my kids watched the president's speech. I have a hard enough time keeping their attention and I have to repeat everything at least twice. Somehow I didn't think President Obama would be asking them to tell him what he just said.

But I thought it was so important for them to watch, as did my fabulous principal. Our whole school was slated to watch the speech together. I however, had a meeting during the viewing time, so I arranged to watch it earlier... after lunch... with no recess (raining)... I didn't have high hopes, but I pushed on.

I prepped my kids with who they were going to watch and what he was going to talk about. Then I let the president take the floor. Oh my... personally I LOVED the speech, but as I scanned the room, I had a few friends practicing their ABCs using their alphabet desk strips (I KNEW they knew how to use those), a few friends staring at the ceiling and a few friends trying their hardest to get their neighbor to misbehave. I spent 15 minutes reminding kids to pay attention, giving the death stare, and putting my fingers to my lips. Every few minutes I would rephrase what the president said, "did you hear that?! He just said you have to read every night!" "Did you hear that? He said KINDERGARTEN!! He's talking to YOU!" When it was done, the president's march (I know there's a more appropriate title) came on and I turned it up as my kids hopped up out of their chairs and danced.

I didn't have very high expectations, but I went for it...

"So... what did you think? What did President Obama tell us?"

Pause.... pause...

"He told us to not give up."

GASP! "YES!!! What else?"

"He told us to read."

"EXACTLY! What else?"

"He told us to turn the TV off."

I'm dying. Absolutely DYING!!! "Anything else?"

"He said to take care of our teachers."

"Ummm... yes, of course you should! What else?"

And for 10 more minutes, my lovies talked excitedly about what they had just heard. At the end of the day, we were walking down the hall as the other classes were watching the speech. One of my kiddos popped his head in the room and said, "Hey! They're watching the PRINCE!" Prince... president... whatever, they got the message.

Absolutely awesome.

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MikeMcilveen said...

Inspiring post. I'm trying to share your blog with Kindergarten teachers in our district (Eastern Ontario, Canada). I believe you are an exemplary teacher in practicing reflection and honesty. Thanks!