Friday, October 30, 2009

P for Pumpkin...

Introducing our non-Halloween pumpkin carving creation! We read Goodnight Goon (a play on Goodnight Moon) by the glow of our carved pumpkin. Very scary :)Here the kids are separating the pulp from the seeds. Very gooey work. They loved it.

"Do it for the children!"

This is one of those, "What We Will Do For Our Kids" stories.

Yesterday I was at the store stocking up on veggies for my kiddo. He is dangerously low on food and I can't give him what my husband I eat on the weekends and still feel like a good mother. (Last night we had pho, tonight is Five Guys, and tomorrow night... who knows, but it's Halloween so it's surely not going to be a healthy trio of chicken, veggies and rice!)

At any rate, here I was at the store and I realized that I needed a pumpkin for today's lesson on the parts of a pumpkin. Shockingly, two days before Halloween, the pickings were slim. Really slim. I took the best looking pumpkin from the sad group of 4 and put it in my cart. As I am wandering around the store wondering what else I need, I kept looking at this sad pumpkin in my cart. It wasn't big enough, and it seemed to light for its size meaning that the insides just might be dried out. I knew this just wouldn't do. The BEST part about carving a pumpkin with 20 5 year olds (many of who haven't ever done this) is to have lots of pumpkin guts for them to touch and scream "eeeewwww!"

I checked in with Customer Service. No dice. Ugh, I was kicking myself for thinking I could wait until now to get a pumpkin. I considered sacrificing the beautiful, huge an PERFECT pumpkin we found as a family to carve... my baby's first pumpkin, the one we paid way too much for because it was at a fancy pumpkin festival... then I looked at my kid and said, "no way." (I think my husband would have flipped his lid. He's still teasing me about spending $20 on a pumpkin when the store was selling 2 for $5!)

Still wandering around the store when notice there are medium pumpkins all over the place as decoration. Hmmmm... they looked nicer than my sad choice in the cart but they weren't big enough. So I began the hunt. Up and down every aisle until I saw it. The perfect pumpkin decorating the bakery. The gentleman behind the counter approached with a "how may I help you?" and I said, "Ummm... I actually would like to buy THAT pumpkin." He actually told me no at first, in a very nice way.

Gentleman: "I'm not sure I can do that."
Me: "I really need it. I'm carving a pumpkin with my kids tomorrow, my CLASS, and the one I have just won't do it."
G: "I'd have to call the manager..."
M: "Great!"
(G begins making calls and by this point, my kid is bored and wanting out of the grocery cart. He's not the type to just sit and fuss. He started to climb out not understanding that it was a 4 foot fall to the ground.)
G: "It might be awhile... I'm waiting for the bakery manager to call."
M: "I can wait." (It's clear my kid cannot).

Finally the phone rings and as the gentleman is explaining there is a customer who wants to buy the display pumpkin, and I am wrestling with my squawking baby, I shout out in desperation, "do it for the children!"

I got my pumpkin.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A girl could get used to this...

Eight out again today. It's amazing how calm the room is and how much learning is happening! 13 is now my lucky number.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I never used to be a germaphobe. I always contended that as long as I take care of myself I could beat any sickness.

Now I have a baby.

Now I am missing eight kids from my classroom, one confirmed case of the flu (not the swine).

Now handwashing is no longer encouraged, it's mandatory, at a minimum of 10 times a day.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Vegetable Lasagna

I stared at the "title" box contemplating what to type... I can't quite tell if I am calm and relaxed now that 1st quarter is over, if I feel incomplete about it, or if I'm excited and revved up for my 2 week vacation, or a mix of all three? Am I allowed to blog when I have no idea what I am trying to say? Normally, when I'm in this place, I talk out loud to whomever was unlucky enough to be in my path, but it's the end of the day, the end of our second parent conference day, and with the exception of a colleague across the hall whose ear I have bent many times today, it's just me and the custodians. And they're busy.

(So what's my point? What IS my point?)

This has been a rocky quarter. I've been trying to figure out how to make a non-cohesive group cohesive. I've been trying to be more of a leader among people who have way more experience than me. I've been trying new things in the classroom but sometimes neglecting others that are important. I've been trying to let certain things just slide off my back, and also trying to make my point heard. Lots of trying.

(Still not finding my point, but at least I have a topic.)

I suppose I still can't think of a title for this post because I'm not sure how I feel about all this trying. I can honestly say I don't feel strongly that I have made any progress with the trying, but oddly, I'm not frustrated, but I'm not ambivalent. I'm just ____________.

As a good friend would say... this is very vegetable lasagna. Let's leave it at that. I am feeling very vegetable lasagna.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

George Costanza

You might get this Seinfeld reference...

I was walking outside when the wind gusted up and branches blew, and acorns starting pelting me in the head. I actually made a movement to duck behind a Head Starter.

I am pathetic.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Great day planned with a screening of our class-made movie about our trip to the apple farm, Mo Willems read alouds to prep for his simulcast this afternoon, and a new math game to learn and play...

...but my husband is home with our sick baby and I'd rather be there. Not here.

Sad sigh.

Monday, October 5, 2009

(insert "what stinks" face here)

Something in my rooms stinks and I can't find it. It's smells like a cross between old ham and rotten socks. I think I am going to stop looking for it in case I actually find it...

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Curse

The perpetual curse of a teacher... you have a long week but finally, FINALLY, Friday arrives. You get to school with a bounce in your otherwise tired steps. You have a lovely weekend ahead of you! The kids are fine, the day is chugging along, and that's when you feel it. You feel that burn behind your sinuses, deep in the back of your throat.

And it's then that you already think of the things you need to cancel this weekend because you will surely feel like pond scum.

Thanks my little ones... you who spew your spit and mucus all over me on a daily basis. Thanks a lot.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


  • language arts testing - CHECK.
  • inputting data online - CHECK.
  • next week's lesson plans - CHECK.
  • parent conferences scheduled and confirmed - CHECK.
  • a million little to-do's - CHECK, CHECK and CHECK!

kick ass sea bass.

(forgive the curse, but kick butt dirty mutt isn't as fun).