Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In their shoes...

I attended a workshop yesterday focused on shared and interactive writing for kindergarten classes. The information was great, the ideas were creative, and it would have been incredibly engaging except that I've heard most of it before. Now, I'm not being all "oh here we go... this is so beneath me," I promise, I'm not. It verified that what my school does is amazing and actually ahead of the rest of the county. I wish everyone gets the training and professional development opportunities we get. So with that being said, I wish the presenters either were aware of a solid group of people the workshop already had this type of training, or if they didn't know, I wish they had asked. Then they could have differentiated for us to keep us engaged, or asked us to share what we do so we could hear people's comments and learn from others as well. This must be what my higher kids feel like when I'm teaching content that they already know. Sometimes it takes being in their shoes to really get it.

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