Thursday, November 19, 2009

Proud as Punch

I am so darn proud of me and even more proud of my kids. I had this idea in the shower (don't you love those?) and I tossed the idea out to my kids and they turned it into a fabulous teaching tool. We have been making a Forest of Rhymes. Throughout the day, at unscheduled times, the kids can tell me two words that rhyme. Then we sit together and write one word on the trunk of the tree and the other on the leaves. Some kids are writing their own words and recognizing that their words have different beginnings and the same ending (to quote a special friend from last year, "ta da!") Some kids can work out the beginning and ending sounds and I fill in the rest for a lovely little interactive writing lesson. Some kids are just thrilled that after several attempts they can sit with me as we sound out their words together.

Example of an attempt:
"I have a rhyming word! Bat and bubble."

"Sweetie, bat and bubble have the same sound at the beginning, but the end are different, they don't rhyme. Let's try again."

(This generally repeats itself 3 or 4 more times before the little one gives up. A handful of my kiddos just don't get rhyming yet.)

Now, if you know me, the fact that they are allowed to do this pretty much at any point during the day, is a stretch for me - a good stretch. A it's-good-to-work-on-not-being-SO-structured stretch.

Here's our masterpiece in development:

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