Monday, November 16, 2009

Squirrel Suggestions? Help!

I have started doing interactive science notebooks with my kids this year and it's going well. They keep their notebooks in their book boxes and often read them in addition to their song books and library books. I love that the science content we learn is accessible on a daily basis and not quickly forgotten.

But I am stumped and here is why:

The kids need to know that squirrels need food, water and air to live.

In their science notebooks, the teacher information is on the left side. This is where I provide a picture, or a sentence about what we have already learned through read alouds, shared writing and discussion. The student information, their interpretation of the information, is on the right side. I am desperately trying to think of a way for a 5 year old to show that a squirrel needs food, water and air to live.

Please please please give me your suggestions! I've given up looking for pictures of air and water for them to glue into their books.


The Science Goddess said...

What if you started a bit farther back---e.g. asked them to compare and contrast living things with nonliving things. If they can then identify that animals (including squirrels) are "living," then they could connect that with their list of what living things need.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I'm really sorry. I can only think of squirrels wearing tiny respirators or oxygen tanks. Or little squirrel skeletons in the desert, dead for lack of water. Probably doesn't help much.

splatypus said...

Science Goddess - THANK YOU. Sometimes I get myself so deep into a problem that the obvious answer eludes me. Great suggestion. Now time to go revamp some lessons!

Snippety - you crack me up :) That's where my brain was too.