Monday, November 16, 2009

When little things seem so big...

This morning as I was standing at the door greeting my little ones, I watched one of my girls walking slowly to the classroom. I greeted her with the standard, "Good morning Maria!* How are you?"

Maria looked up at me with watery doe-eyes (she really has doe-eyes) and said, "not good."

"Oh... sweetie, what's wrong?"

"It's my book. The juice exploded and it's all wet and it ripped."

"Your book from me? Or your library book?"

"My library book!" Tears began to fall...

"Oh, Maria... let's not worry too much. I will talk to Miss Booker* and we will see how we can fix it."

Sniff, sniff. "Okay."

I'm waiting to hear from Miss Booker if we can grant little Maria clemency. Her devastation seemed to be all she could handle. Poor little thing... she spent the entire morning absolutely distraught because she ruined her library book. I heart her.

*Of course names have been changed!

UPDATE: Miss Booker dismissed any financial charges for little Maria, but she ruled that she complete some "hard labor" in the libary to work off the cost of her book. LOVE IT!!!!

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