Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Me vs. Them

I feel like that mountain climber from the Price is Right this morning. Yesterday felt like a Thursday (and you know how I feel about Thursdays) so today should be Friday, but it's not. It's Wednesday. I feel like I'm hiking up the tallest mountain with no end in sight. My kids are whipped into a pre-holiday frenzy just as I am winding down from 2nd quarter and dreaming of lazy mornings in my jammies. Excellent combo.

My good girls have gone bad. They don't care if they have to change their cards. They want to live on the wild side and hang with the bad boys. I found one of them ROLLING ON THE FLOOR when she was supposed to be in line. That's not good girl behavior. I saw a bad boy give her an approving nod and I wanted to scream, "NO! DON'T TRY TO IMPRESS THAT BAD BOY!" (I'm pretty sure I got that language from my mother.)

My bad boys have gone UBER-BAD. I have said "REALLY?!" many times with a look of disbelief (mouth hanging open, teacher-bug-eyes). "REALLY?! You thought that tackling your friend on the carpet during shared reading was a good choice?" "REALLY?! May I ask why you're attempting break dancing, circa 1985, while we're trying to line up?"

My "problem children" are simply off the reservation.

And the kids in-between you ask? They're watching from the sidelines practically cheering on their classmates. Their little eyes are shining with, "ooohhh, awesome. Did you see what she did?! Let's see what the teacher does! Oooh this is going to be good!!"

There is one little shining light however, my little one that tends to drive me BSC seems to have calmed down. I think she has found her chi on a little island surrounded by chaos. Sadly I am sure this is what her home life is like so our classroom is simply an extension of what her "normal" is... but frankly, I'll take it right now. If she joined in the Lord of the Flies-type behavior my other lovies are experimenting with, you might find me crouched in the castle on the playground rocking furiously.
Let the countdown begin.


blossomteacher said...

Oops, I posted on the BSC post accidentally! I was going to say, they're all nuts at this time of year. Sometimes, it's best to just go a little bonkers with them. When they see how they are acting reflected in you, they shape up a bit. Or, at the very least we all have a really good laugh :)

ChiTown Girl said...

Even after 20+ years of dealing with this, I still hold out hope every year that "THIS group won't do that!" Yeah, right...

I have a big cardboard Santa face that I hang in my room every year, and every time we have one of 'those' moments, I immediately point to him and say, "You fogot who's watching you!!" It usually works. ;-)

halpey1 said...

Ha! Wow did I relate to your post. This week is DRAGGING. For a nan-second when I walked in this morning I thought it was Friday... we'll make it though. TWO MORE DAYS. :)

Snippety Gibbet said...

You are not alone. I keep thinking that tomorrow is Friday.

At least I see a variety of kookiness during the day. Variety being the spice of life and all that.