Friday, December 11, 2009


If you teach kindergarten, this post will not be a surprise, but it might make you give that knowing smile. We've been reading Dr. Seuss's Hop on Pop all week, focusing on different things. One day we focused on rhyming, one day we covered up the words and practiced looking at the pictures, but today was the day to just read it for fun. So here were are, reading along, using funny voices and laughing when the ball players fell off the wall when we got to this page:

Have you ever heard that 5 year olds are very literal? Trust me, they are. We spent 5 full minutes debating whether or not Dr. Seuss knew what he was talking about, because the 4 "things" on the left might be tall, but the 2nd one in is shorter than the others, so they are not all tall. I tried, many times, to show that Dr. Seuss meant that the 4 on the left were all tall compared to the 4 on the right.

"But they're NOT ALL TALL! There is one that is tall and the others are shorter! Dr. Seuss is wrong!"

Long exhale... what do I do with this? Yes, you're right in the literal sense, but this is Dr. Seuss, he writes SILLY books that don't make sense. Again, I explain, Dr. Seuss is talking about ALL of them, not just the TALL ones. I say this over and over, many different ways. No luck. We're literally stuck on this page.

Finally, one of my lovies shots out, "Can we just turn the page?!"

Yes sweetie, we can. Thanks goodness. Ah, who doesn't love 5 year olds?!

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Anonymous said...

Photocopy the two pages in question, then cut out the shortest on on the tall page of your copy and put it next to the short ones.......

It's all in the terms, they have a hard time with shortEST, tallEST, shortER, tallER, etc. Being relative is a hard concept for them. Besides being developmental......

They CAN and DO drive me freak'n nuts sometimes.