Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grumble grumble grumble...

This is a grumble post because the cause of my grumbling is beyond my control, so therefore all I can do is grumble and then put my head down and get to it.

Let the grumbling begin.

My fantastic co-teacher blogged about the same thing you're about to read about, and frankly I thought she said it so well that I would just let it be. But that's not really my style... I need to grumble too.

I was trained on Friday to give a test to all of our second language learners as required by federal law. I don't really have a problem with the test, it will give the ESOL staff and upper grade teachers great information on our kiddos as they come through the ranks. My issue is the logistics -- 45 - 90 minute test for each student, 18 in my room alone, test must be given in total isolation. Not in the classroom, hallway, etc.

I actually have a lot of things I want and NEED to teach my friends and this test is yet another roadblock in the way. During our training, to help organize my grumblings, I made a list of tests we give our 5 year old students. Curious? You should be. Here they are:

1st Quarter:
DRA2 Word Analysis
Name ID
Writing Sample (scored)
KMRA (3 different tests)

2nd Quarter:
KMRA (5 different tests)

3rd Quarter:
KMRA (2 different tests)

4th Quarter:
DRA2 Word Analysis
Sounds/Words Assessment
DRA2 Reading
Writing Sample (scored)

Am I forgetting anything? Surely I am.

For those of you that teach older children and are thinking, "ummmmm... reality check? Our kids get that many too." My response to you is "yes, but all of our tests are one-on-one. I'm not able to give instructions and have my kids complete the assessment on their own. For each test, I sit with the child and we do it together."

Is anyone brave enough to do the math? I have 21 students.

Grumble... grumble... grumble...


Anonymous said...

Pretty much Ditto, but I have 29 kids.

Kstack said...

I feel for you, and appreciate your grumbling. You are entitled to some grumbling. Here's what we have to do for Language Arts (other stuff for Math) in Half-Day Kindergarten, and I'm not even thinking about later in the spring!

PALS, which includes UC/LC Letter id, rhyme, beginning sounds, concepts of print. That’s 5 subtests, all individually administered, except for 2 which can be done in groups of 6

AIMSWeb w subtests, LNF, LSF, individually administered

PALS (Uc/LC ID and sounds)
AIMS WEB (w subtests, LNF, LSF, Phoneme seg and Nonsense word, individually administered)
Concepts of Print

Fundations unit 1 test


Fundations unit 2 test


Fundations unit 3 test

Theresa Milstein said...

I don't blame you. Regardless of grade, teachers are bogged down with testing. It takes time just to figure out reading levels. Then we have state tests, and district tests to see how we'll do on state tests. And if we count the time it takes to "prepare" for the tests...

How much actual learning is forfeited?