Monday, January 25, 2010

Looking for Ideas!

Anyone have fun ideas to teach 5 year olds about shadows? Please share!!


Alison said...

Since we try to team them to NOT use the projector for shadow puppets maybe you could put different objects on the overhead projector, block their view of it, and make them guess what each object is based on its shadow. Also fun to compare the length of ones shadow at different times of day... not sure how big a difference you'll see from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM but they could outline their shadows in sidewalk chalk and see how they change. Another art project is to trace the shadow of their profile on a big piece of paper, then see how the size changes depending on how close to the light they are standing. So much easier to brianstorm these than to actually execute them! Good luck.

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

Alison had some great ideas-- all of which I've used during my shadows unit. My kids LOVE the overhead shadows and guessing what the object was. I did, however, have one smarty pants insist that it wasn't truly a shadow, as I had set the object on the overhead. So beware of that. Not sure if your kindergarteners will get that, but my first grader did! You can also use bright lights and see how your shadow changes as you change the direction of the light source.

Unlimited said...

Maybe a physical activity? One student could be the shadow, and the other the person. I imagine that being a shadow on the floor when you're five might be a bit much for them to handle. :)

Snippety Gibbet said...

Cougar Theater!!!

Actually, if you were so inclined you could do the whole shadow thing but using the light from something else besides the projector.

Kstack said...

This one is more about the sun, but you might use it: I like to make chalk drawings of each others shadows on the blacktop outside. Then go out later, stand over your 'chalk shadow', and see that your real shadow no longer lines up with the chalk, because of the position of the sun.

And this one is about the power of the sun to fade colors. Tape slim
objects (like a comb or a key or a stencil) onto black paper, and hang the paper in the window, facing the sun. After one day take it down, remove the taped object, and check the mark made by the shadow of the object.