Monday, February 15, 2010

This is just getting ridiculous...

Our area was bombarded with snow over the past few days (weeks?) and I am struggling to even figure out what to do when I get my kids back, if I get my kids back. To recap on the past couple of weeks:

Feb. 1: teacher work day. I got TONS done and felt ready for the entire month.
Feb. 2: normal days with the kids.
Feb 3: snow day for no good reason. Roads were fine, a 2 hour delay would have been sufficient (IMHO).
Feb. 4: planning day. Productive day with entire K team, kids had a good day with the sub.
Feb. 5: the first blizzard hits.
Feb. 8 - 12: no school.
Feb. 15: teacher work day but no school for kids.

1 - 3 inches of snow coming tonight and the neighborhood around the school is a MESS. Roads barely plowed for one lane, no sidewalks shoveled, giant mountains of snow making areas impassable. I'm not confident we will see the kids tomorrow!

It's Feb. 16th and I have seen my students ONE day this month.