Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Without the Internet and my colleague's blogs, my off-the-cuff idea of creating my students' shadows would have just lived within our tiny little hall. Now, the idea made it as far as Italy. I am blushing.

This project has much room for improvement next year, but it's been awesome so far... and it's not even done yet. My kids and I are working on speech bubbles for their shadows. They come up with what their shadow is saying and then we work together on an interactive writing activity to get the words down (we share the pen and stretch the words out together). Science and writing all wrapped up in one.

Snippety Gibbet captured step one of the project where the kids learned how a shadow is made (you need a light source and something to block that light). Pictures of step two will be up in a few days. We have a few more bubbles to create.

For next year:
  • I won't use bulletin board paper because it rolls up and is a HASSLE to cut out each shadow. Taping each shadow to the wall was also a time-sucker. I am thinking of black contact paper that I cut out early and lay under the carpet to create flat sheets (a great idea from another wonderful colleague).
  • I will have the kids sit down so keeping still is a bit easier while I trace their shadows.
Thanks Snippety for spreading the love! Such warm fuzzies from your comments really brightened my day.


jwg said...

Do you know that there is chalkboard contac paper? Imagine the possibilities with just some colored chalk. The kids could change their wardrobes at any time. You could leave a space so they could write messages on each other's shadows. You could cut a bubble for each out of it and they could change what they want to say at any time. The only problem would be to keep them from erasing each other's work.

Snippety Gibbet said...

You can also uncurl a roll of paper by rolling it up in the opposite direction. jan