Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo Story Fun

We took our photos from the other day and put them into the SMART Notebook software and wrote a class book*. I love this kind of interactive writing, because the kids still think seeing pictures of themselves is NEAT and they still think the SMART Board is cool. Double bonus. After we finished the book, we plopped the photos into Photo Story and read the pages of our book. So, when all is literally said and done, this activity involved math, writing, reading and oral language. Love it when that happens!

*I would love to share the book but I don't knwo how to share a SMART Notebook file on the blog. If anyone knows, please share!


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carly@LearningParade said...

If wanting to share your Notebook file, you could upload it to a site like the one I use (, then provide a link to the online file within the text on your post. This is how I share my free resources with other teachers. I hope this helps - and makes sense :)