Friday, April 16, 2010

Playing on Fears

I'm not going to lie and say that I don't lie to my kids if I need to make a point. Funny that Organized Chaos just posted about the same subject but for a different reason. I am not a cuddly kindergarten teacher. Not a big hugger. I firmly believe that kindergarten students need to learn to man-up and learn how to zip their coats, open their snacks, put their straw in their own Capri-Sun, and for the love of God, TIE THEIR OWN SHOES. You will very rarely see me tying a student's shoe. I learned it, so can they.

Today, one of my brightest students asked me to tie their shoes. This kid thinks they are too smart for kindergarten and reminds me of this feeling almost daily. So I had fun with this one. We happened to be walking past the library where a favorite first grade teacher was and I popped in with a simple, "hey, can I borrow you?" (Funny now that I think that's how I asked her for help when she was in the library, ha!) Without question, she followed me out into the hall while I told my kids, "So, you remember our first grade teacher don't you? I was just telling her that some of my kindergarten students don't know how to tie their shoes! And do you know what she said?"

Well, let me tell you, she ROCKED THIS. She went on and on about how first grade teachers NEVER EVER tie shoes. In fact, she would be shocked to have a student in her class who couldn't tie their shoes! She said if your shoes come untied in first grade you have to ask a friend or walk around all day with untied laces, "and we all know how dangerous that is!" She told them they all had to practice over the weekend. My bright one could barely make eye contact.

Just as I thought she couldn't do better, the first grade teacher then told the kids she would come to our room on Monday to test them! Awesome! She is even going to wear shoes that tied so they have TO TIE HER SHOES. Oh my gawd, brilliant!! Love her! Most of my kids were excited. The bright one? Well she tried to convince me that she's not worried because the first grade teacher will probably forget. Oh my little one, don't bet on it.

***UPDATE: First grade teacher did show up on Monday and my little bright one NAILED IT. She practiced all weekend. Love it***


The Science Goddess said...

I now have visions of you in full-on Tom Hanks mode telling students that "There's no crying in Kindergarten!" :)

Can't wait to hear Part II of the story.

organized chaos said...

SG- Sadly I have said those words myself...

the shoe tying thing is so not a lie because it's true. I absolutely refuse to tie first graders shoes. When I was a classroom teacher this was one of the first things I told them. I even had a poster in the room where they could write their name if they knew how to tie shoes so that the child unable to tie his or her own shoes was able to go to the poster and select someone from there that could help them. They all knew that "I didn't go to college to tie shoes"

The motivation of signing the poster usually encouraged them to learn to tie their own shoes by the end of August.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Bless you! I get so frustrated with the whole bow tying thing. When they get to third grade and still can't tie their art aprons, I am just aghast.