Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The dark cloud that is May...

UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH! It's May, also known as Testing Month. I just started our literacy test and so far, the results are grim. All I have tested is rhyming (I have many more tasks to complete) but my kids are BOMBING IT. What happened?!?! We have a Rhyming Forest (tree trunk is a word, the top is the rhyme), we have rhyming centers that kids say they love and I know they do well in, we pick out rhyming words in shared reading every week. Kids come up to me DAILY with a words that rhyme. Yet, for some reason, they think log rhymes with bee. They think coat sounds like snake. I break the rules and ask them again, "are you sure?" or "do you hear the same sound in king and hand?" Yep, they're sure.

At this point it's anecdotal. I've tested less than half, but wow, what a terrible way to start the day.

On a brighter note, it's Teacher Appreciation Week. Today the students were asked to bring in a flower for their teacher. Some brought whole store bought bouquets, some brought single flowers, some brought something picked from home, and two kids showed up to class 10 minutes late because they had snuck out of the school to pick flowers for me. It's all so very sweet... I wish I could enjoy it the way I should. Instead, I am looking at this enormous lovely bouquet thinking, "ugh, I don't deserve this." I know I'm being dramatic, self-centered, and well pathetic, but still... I am disheartened and need to whine.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to sent you a thank you for letting me know others feel this way. I too sometimes wonder what I have been doing the past 8 months when May testing comes around. I hope the rest of your testing reflects the wonderful work you have been doing with those young minds.

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