Monday, May 24, 2010


I find it ATROCIOUS that as I am struggling to teach my students about healthy eating (part of our curriculum mind you), the cafeteria provides them with a Kellogg's "box breakfast" that contains bright pink apple jacks and a Pop-Tart.

A POP-TART! The Apple Jacks are bad enough, but seriously?! A FROSTING COVERED PASTRY FILLED WITH SUGARY "JAM." Oh, there were sprinkles on it. I didn't let my kids eat them.

Hey Kellogg's? Would it kill you to put your healthier products in the boxes? Smart Start? Raisin Bran? COME ON. Oh, and hey county? Would it kill you not to buy crappy products for our children? Kellogg's wouldn't sell it if you didn't buy it.

Ugh, disgusted.


*Nikki* said...

i so know what you mean!!!

Claire Tyler-Smith said...

Our school does not provide the children with food. They bring their own (HEALTHY) packed lunches.